Martha’s Vineyard things to do

Top 17 awesome things to do at Martha’s Vineyard. Your journey is incomplete without doing these things and visiting these places. I am sure you will get answer of your query “Martha’s Vineyard things to do”. 

Martha's Vineyard things to do
Martha’s Vineyard things to do

Top 17 Places in Martha’s Vineyard

#1 Edgartown Lighthouse,
This Tower is viewing angle. It is only a 10 minutes away from the Downtown City the main reason people like to come here is the nice beach. You can sit and chill for a moment while watching the beautiful birds over here. If you want some peace then this is the best place for you because you can just sit here and watch the ocean for hours because the entire location is very beautiful even the light house and its surrounding areas are so awesome.

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This is best place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do. History of this Tower is also very interesting. There are total 5 light houses in Martha’s Vineyard and it is located at the entrance of the Katama Bay and Edgartown Harbor.

Note: – There is one thing that people need to know that there is very limited public access to the light room because the ladders are almost vertical and therefore it is very difficult to climb on those ladders.
Address: 121 North Water Street, Edgartown, Massachusetts 02539, Phone: 508-627-4441

#2 Katama Beach, Martha’s Vineyard,
The great thing about this beach is it is well maintained and well patrolled you will see lifeguards at very appropriate distance so there is no danger of your safety.

Another great thing about this beach is an obstructed view. You can sit there and relax while watching the low flying planes and gliders above.

This beach is also good for walking and running. You can also swim there but you have to keep in mind that there is a very strong undertow so better take care of your kid, which is why there are lifeguards and other facilities available.

You don’t have to worry about the parking because it has a very large parking lot. There is no danger of shark so you can enjoy swimming also.

If you visit this Katama beach in May then it will be like a treat for you. Katama Beach is well groomed 3 mile long beautiful beach. You can reach their by car and bicycles. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.

Address: Katama Road, Edgartown, Massachusetts 02539

#3 Menemsha Hills,
if you want to enjoy walking and hiking and want to see the best of the nature then you must go to menemsha Hills. It is like a nature’s gift to you. It is more of a hike than a walk.

The view that you will see after climbing the 308 foot high prospect Hill would never go away from your eyes. It will take your Breath Away.

Menemsha hills are 211 acre nature reserve on Martha’s Vineyard. It has diverse range of plant Habitat like Woodland, red Maple, Black oaks. If you want to enjoy picnic, fishing or beauty of nature in Silence then menemsha Hills is the best place for you.

It is the second highest point on the island. You will enjoy some of the most interesting and beautiful landscape on menemsha Heels. It is really a nice wooded walk with a few special Ocean vistas. This trail is so good for you because it is not that steep but with very beautiful views.

Note the parking lot is too high for a driver. The important point of attraction is the varied vegetation and the sunset views along with beautiful landscapes. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.

Address: N Rd, Chilmark, Massachusetts 02535, Phone: 508-693-3678

#4 Aquinnah Cliffs, Martha’s Vineyard,
Aquinnah cliffs are situated on the edge of a small town called Aquinnah. These are very colorful cliffs. It gives you a simple but a very beautiful view and it is a short walk distance from parking area. If you want to enjoy the Ocean View and want to capture some of the best beautiful landscape photos then Aquinnah cliffs are the best for you.

Aquinnah cliffs are colorful because it is the result of a hundred million year old work of nature, with the time the glaciers and the land have changed the layers of soil into colorful bands that you see above the sea. It is situated at the Western tip of the Martha’s Vineyard Island.

However the Cliff is under observation due to severe erosion. This is the number one tourist spot in Martha’s Vineyard. It is also called gay head. You can reach there by the bus and the bike. It is very crowdie in summer season. You can take route number 5 buses to reach up to the Aquinnah cliffs.

Wild Windy and Serene & Majestic. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.
Amazing and beautiful view with nature at its best.

Address: State Rd, Aquinnah, Massachusetts 02535

#5 Martha’s Vineyard Museum,
if you want to know the detail about Martha’s Vineyard and its divine and diverse Heritage then you must visit Martha’s Vineyard museum. It was built in 1922 and since then it has gone with several changes from its name’s to its mission. In this museum you can find various objects such as documents, photograph, historical significance of Martha’s Vineyard and even the old paintings.

The main mission and the goal of Martha’s Vineyard Museum is to inspire and make people to understand what this Heritage Island has and how you can enjoy your summer vacation here. Not only the historical significance but you will also get the information related to shopping on the island and various houses that you can tour and many other things.

You will see the photographs of many people who have come Martha’s Vineyard to live from all over the world and their story will definitely inspire you to become the part of this community. It is a very good air conditioned museum to know the history of Martha Vineyard unveiling history.

It is a very small but very interesting Museum. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.

Address: 59 School St, Edgartown, Massachusetts 02539, Phone: 508-627-4441

#6 Lucy Vincent Beach,
Lucy Vincent beach is one of the less known beaches in Martha’s Vineyard. It is very secluded therefore it is not very crowded. It is a nice clean beach where you can also take bath in nude. To visit this beach, first you need to buy the pass from city Hall then go to the Chilmark village.

You will see half of the beaches shadowed by the small cliffs. It is one of the rarest places in Martha’s Vineyard. It is quite scenic and very majestic beach. You are definitely going to love and enjoy the bluffs when you are swimming.

If you are finding a beautiful beach with the great sand and water then Lucy Vincent beach is the perfect option for you. Whoever comes here once he keeps going there again and again because of the beauty of this beach. You need to be aware of the rocks in the water.

You will see lots of pretty stones and shells over there. If you are trying to capture the best sunset pics or a place for the perfect wedding then Lucy Vincent beach is the perfect option for you. Because, its Rock formations are so amazing in other words you can also say that it is a private beach.

People even call it the best beach of Martha’s Vineyard and the stone sculptures make this beach that special. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.

Address: Chilmark, Massachusetts 02535

#7 Gay Head Lighthouse,
Gay head Lighthouse was the first Lighthouse that was constructed on Martha’s Vineyard. It is one of the most historic landmarks on Martha’s Vineyard. Since 1796 this Lighthouse has gone under various reconstructions and upgraded. It is open for visitor from July to October.

You need to pay dollar 5 to climb. It is a very busy spot. Height of this light house is around 170 feet and it has a conical shape and the pattern of this light house is red brick with black lantern.

Since last 200 years it is shining like a diamond on Martha’s Vineyard, another best thing to visit in Martha’s Vineyard. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.

#8 Chappaquiddick Island,
This Island continuously changes its coastline sometimes you will see it as Peninsula and sometimes as an island. It is one of the most favorable places in Martha’s Vineyard. Your journey to Martha’s Vineyard will be incomplete if you don’t visit this Chappaquiddick Island.

You can reach on this Island by taking a Ferry Boat from Edgartown. If you are visiting this Island then you must come with your own car so that you can enjoy the other glorious beaches that have extraordinary nature preserve. Also a beautiful Japanese garden that you should not miss.

Many people considered this Island as tranquil and scenic. It is a secluded and very non-commercial. If you don’t have the proper vehicle then do not come here otherwise you will be fined. It is also super expensive because there are no shops on this Island.

So if you got a good amount of money then you must visit this Island. You will find everything from here like walking on the trails and fishing. You can also enjoy the bird watching while swimming and don’t forget about the Kayak tours. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.

#9 Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary,
If you love the nature then this is the place for you this century contains 4 Mile walking trails it is a very few minutes away from bus routes like 6, 25 and 28.

If you want to enjoy the good hiking with the beautiful sanctuary and one of the most favorite places of people on the Wine Yard then this sanctuary is the perfect option for you. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.
Mon–Fri, 9 am–4 pm
Sat, 10 am–2 pm
Closed Sun

Open daily, dawn to dusk

100 Felix Neck Drive, Edgartown, MA 02539, 508-627-4850
Members: Free Nonmembers:
$4 Adults
$3 Children (2-12)
$3 seniors (65+)
official website: –

#10 Polly Hill Arboretum, Martha’s Vineyard
Poly Hill developed this horticulturist resident in 1958. This is a 20 acre of land which consists of shrubs, trees and flowers. Another 40 acre is considered as Natural preserve. It consists of various rare plants such as magnolias Hollies and many others.

It consists of every type of the plant that can grow on the vineyard that is why visiting this place will give you a detailed knowledge of plants and also will bring you closer to the mother earth. Almost every tree and plants are labeled with the name and the description.

If you go into the spring then blossoming trees are very beautiful, you will enjoy those. It is a very quiet space if you want to achieve the peace then this is a place where you need to go. Not only the arboretum is beautiful but visitor centre and the restroom are also very beautiful.

This poly Hill arboretum is very well maintained. Visiting this arboretum is like a gem you will find lots of interesting trees in the arboretum. It is like a perfect walking adventure in the beautiful gardens. If you want to enjoy a picnic and finding a perfect place, then this is a good spot to plan a stop and eat. In the month of July and August, you can find the guided tour of the grounds.

Polly Hill arboretum is also offering educational classes for children and helps you in every other way. In a nutshell, it is a very peaceful place, enjoy the nature and feel the peace and get relaxed, another great thing to do in Martha’s Vineyard. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.

Address: 809 State Road, West Tisbury, MA 02575, Phone: 508-693-9426

#11 Long Point Wildlife Refuge
If you want to enjoy beaches, marshes, Woodlands and freshwater pond all at one place then long point Refuge comes into this action. It was formed after the last ice age and it is one of the most unique and beautiful landscape. It is really like a hidden gem.

Riding on the Dirt Road makes you feel like you are in a great jungle. If you visit this place during the end of the October then you would not find much wildlife so better to escape these months. Much better if you visit this place before the high season.

You can enjoy walking, paddle boarding and swimming in the pond that are available there. You can enjoy the salt and fresh water swimming both in long point Refuge. The best time to visit is during the afternoon, this is the best time to enjoy this little Safari. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.

Address: 121 Waldron’s Bottom Rd, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568, USA

#12 The Terrace at the Charlotte Inn
If you want to enjoy American cuisine with the French and Italian influence then the terrace at the Charlotte Inn is the best place for you. It is situated in the Edgartown village. It provides old word atmosphere and the great thing about this restaurant is the dining, you will feel like you are eating in a conservatory.

The owner Justin melnick who is also the Chef uses the vegetables that he grows himself. He has created a very imaginative menu that you are surely going to enjoy. Best dish of this restaurant that is very popular among the people is “Hudson Valley Foie Gras on grilled brioche with berry compote and wine syrup” when we talked about this place; people said that this restaurant has a beautiful sitting with great service and food.

It is one of the most elegant and enjoyable place in Martha’s Vineyard. You will feel that you are paying for the Ambience not the food. Even some people told us that it is one of the finest restaurants in Martha’s Vineyard and one of the most beautiful in the world.

The most popular dishes among the people are Orange cake, vegetable risotto and filet mignon you must try this. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.

Address: 27 S Summer St, Edgartown, Massachusetts 02539, Phone: 508-627-6227

#13 Old Whaling Church
if you want to see the perfect example of Greek architectural design then old whaling Church is the best place. It was built in 1843. It is situated in Edgartown and it is one of the historic buildings in Martha’s Vineyard.

There are 3 rooms in this Church and each one of them represents a different century. If you are visiting or staying in Edgartown then you must visit this Church. It was once an art centre; many people came here and perform their exhibition also that is why you will see various beautiful paintings inside the church.

It was designed by Frederick Baylies. You will also see the original whale oil lamps inside the church. Nowadays this Church is also used for various purposes like weddings, for exhibition and the meetings. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.

Address: 89 Main St, Edgartown, Massachusetts 02539, Phone: 508-627-4442
#14 Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association
Martha’s Vineyard camp meeting Association is a kind of historical religious place. Built in 19 century. It is made up of small cottages used for various religious services. Those cottages and buildings are still used for Bible studies and religious services. There are lots of such religious activities held at the weekend Om.

Guest is allowed to visit the Cottage Museum where you can see how was the life when people were used to live on the ground in 18th century. If you want to do some shopping then there is nothing except souvenirs and memorabilia.

Address: 80 Trinity Park, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts 02557, Phone: 508-693-0525

#15 Morning Glory Farm, Martha’s Vineyard
Morning glory farm is very popular for fresh and delicious vegetables and for Bakery products. You will find a lot of variety from frozen fruits to meet. If you go there then do not forget to test their muffins and pies. It is a perfect place for your entire family.

This morning glory farm is spread in 60 acre and producing vegetables and all the other varieties since 1975. Not only they grow various types of vegetables like tomatoes, melons, sweet corn but they also have an herbal garden where you will find lots of rare Herbs. 8.5 acre of total 60 acre is used for growing fruits and vegetables which are labeled as organic, the fruits and vegetables are grown using the organic method.

Not only they grow fruits, vegetables, herbs but also raise animals like cow and pigs. Another interesting place for Martha’s Vineyard things to do.

Address: 120 Meshacket Rd, Edgartown, Massachusetts 02539, Phone: 508-627-9674

#16 Mytoi Japanese Garden
Mytoi Japanese garden is located on Chappaquiddick island. If you are searching for a peaceful place then this Japanese garden is the perfect place for you because it is surrounded by pine trees and you can say it is a secluded Paradise. This Garden was built by the huge Jones.

It is a very simple and elegant garden. It is like a hidden gem, you can reach there by the car or bike. This Garden is open from morning to evening. You can enjoy non water activity in this tranquil garden. It is a 3 acre Garden. Some people also called it as vineyard treasure.

Go to this Garden, sit there, do meditation and relax yourself, which is what the purpose of this Garden is.

Address: Dike Road, Chappaquiddick Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts 02539, Phone: 508-627-7689

#17 Farm.Field.Sea.
If you want to enjoy an unforgettable evening then you must visit this place it is like a curated vineyard experience. You will see a different side of Martha’s Vineyard by the event that form Field Sea offers. If you want to enjoy the edible Adventures then form Field Sea is a perfect place for it.

Many people conduct their meeting by booking room over there and enjoy the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard. At this place you can get information related to growing and harvesting foods from different sources. You can enjoy the local wine with the most delicious food that is cooked by the talented and experienced chefs. If you really want to learn how to cook cheese or bread then form Field Sea is the place for you. You can learn here eat here and enjoy too.

Address: Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts 02568, Phone: 508-687-9012
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the Farm Institute
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So these were the top 17 place in Martha’s Vineyard, We hope we must have solved your query of ”Martha’s Vineyard things to do”.