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And concurrently improves cognitive performance.

Amino acids may improve cognitive function in patients with severe brain injuries Neurology researchers have shown that feeding proteins to brain-injured animals restores their cognitive skills and may collection the stage for the first effective treatment for cognitive impairments suffered by people with traumatic brain injuries. ‘We have shown in an pet model that dietary intervention can restore a proper stability of neurochemicals in the harmed part of the brain, and concurrently improves cognitive performance,’ said study innovator Akiva S. Cohen, Ph xenical capsules .D., a neuroscientist at The Children’s Medical center of Philadelphia.

Amira Pharmaceuticals’ LPA1 receptor antagonist system data published in British Journal of Pharmacology Amira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announced today that preclinical data from its LPA1 receptor antagonist plan has been released in the British Journal of Pharmacology. ‘The info in this publication demonstrate the potential of a high affinity, oral antagonist of the LPA1 receptor in diseases associated with fibrosis, edema and inflammation,’ stated James Swaney, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at Amira and the senior writer of the paper.’ Bob Baltera, Chief Executive Officer of Amira, added, ‘We are centered on developing LPA1 antagonists in fibrotic diseases.’.