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This is simply not a panacea.

Blood pressure treatment might prevent end-stage kidney disease in a few patients: Study Intensively treating hypertension in a few African Americans with kidney disease simply by pushing blood circulation pressure well below the existing recommended goal may considerably reduce the number who lose kidney function and require dialysis, thursday suggests a Johns Hopkins-led research publishing in the brand new England Journal of Medication. ‘This is simply not a panacea. We’ve a complete many more to figure out . But our evidence shows that we have a method to at least delay or perhaps even prevent end-stage kidney disease in a few sufferers,’ says Lawrence J. Appel, M.D., M.P.H., a professor of medication at the Johns Hopkins University College of Medication and the study’s innovator.

CVS Caremark offers been administering FEP’s retail pharmacy advantage management program since 1993 and the agreement had lately been prolonged through the finish of 2011. The brand new contract, which runs through 2014, provides the partnership between CVS Caremark and FEP to a lot more than twenty years. Merlo, Chief and President Executive Officer of CVS Caremark. FEP is usually a highly-valued customer and we are focused on continuing to provide the same advanced of services and patient fulfillment that we have offered to FEP’s federal workers, retirees and their own families for several years, added Per Lofberg, President of CVS Caremark’s pharmacy advantage management business. .. Blue Cross and Blue Shield FEP pharmacy advantage management plan awarded to CVS Caremark CVS Caremark Company today announced that it’s been awarded a three-yr contract to supply integrated pharmacy benefit solutions for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Government-wide Service Benefit Strategy, also referred to as the Federal Employee System , based on the very best overall value.