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Prior to a scheduled 11:30 barbeque lunch beyond your hospital just.

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance cuts 15 RNs prior to Nursing Week celebration A Nursing Week event scheduled today at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance will be a subdued affair – 15 registered nurses have been told that their positions are getting cut, prior to a scheduled 11:30 barbeque lunch beyond your hospital just. Chatham-Kent’s mission declaration is: Caring people, caring for people, notes Linda Haslam-Stroud, RN, President of the Ontario Nurses’ Association . How ironic that Chatham-Kent decision-makers have selected Nursing Week to provide the news to your skilled and dedicated authorized nurses that they can no longer have the ability to look after their patients.It will focus on the procedure and biology of bowel, breasts and urological leukaemia and cancers, and will work on steps to make sure cancer is detected earlier. Professor Alan Clarke, based at Cardiff University and director of the Cardiff Cancer Research UK Centre, said: Becoming a member of the network of Cancer Study UK centres is essential for patients, scientists and doctors in Cardiff. We’ve done a lot of work on focusing on how cancers, such as for example those of the bowel, develop and we are beginning to understand the genetics behind the condition. This center shall make it simpler to collaborate with doctors who are treating cancer individuals, to speed up the process of translating our genetic analysis into improvements in analysis and treatment of the disease.