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As Congress heads into lame-duck.

As Congress heads into lame-duck, repeal of 1099 reporting provision likely NEVADA Sun: Heading into a lame-duck session, Congress has other items remaining on its docket . Sen. Max Baucus [D-Mont. MSNBC: Baucus said the legislation would repeal requirements for businesses to document forms that could report payments designed for goods and certain solutions to the IRS. However, following passing of the law, some companies expressed concern that whenever the provision does go into effect, the forms would place too big of a paperwork burden on businesses struggling in a still-recovering economy . Pacific Coast Business Times: The intention [of the 1099 reporting provision] was to help close the $350 billion gap the IRS estimates exists between taxes owed and taxes paid and to help pay for health care.

The Arthritis Base welcomes the approval of new, safe and effective biosimilars and urges the FDA to: Move expeditiously to create a regulatory pathway that delivers appropriate oversight, ensures individual safety and ensures access to these potentially lower-price biologic products.Require clinical studies to ensure biosimilars are well as authorized products in the targeted population.Require rigorous post-marketing surveillance for any newly accepted biologic and/or biosimilar also to seek ways to improve the current system for reporting and giving an answer to adverse events.Reach out to patient organizations, like the Arthritis Foundation, to boost its communication efforts regarding biologic products.. Arthritis Base urges FDA to expeditiously create regulatory pathway for biosimilars Arthritis Foundation individual advocate, Jan Wyatt, PhD, will provide oral testimony on behalf of the approximately 4 million Us citizens with inflammatory arthritis at a Food and Drug Administration hearing today.