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This is usually why the condition had not been given proper medical assistance until quite recently

Andropause – Is it a Male Menopause Doctors generally used for connecting the symptoms of andropause to major depression or old age. This is usually why the condition had not been given proper medical assistance until quite recently, but it’s an extremely real medical condition . The most common andropause symptoms are: Fatigue Depression Poor storage and concentration Erection dysfunction and reduced libido Other symptoms which may accompany andropause include: Osteoporosis Loss of height pains and Aches Reduced muscle tissue Sleep disturbance Surplus fat gain, especially in the region around the abdomen.

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Anavex announces ANAVEX pre-clinical data in Alzheimer’s disease Anavex Life Sciences Corp. will show the most recent data showing the therapeutic potential of ANAVEX compounds in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease at a particular symposium of the 34th annual meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society. The symposium has been held in Yokohama, Japan from September 15-17, 2011. Results obtained with ANAVEX 2-73 and ANAVEX1-41 will become outlined by Dr. Tangui Maurice, CNRS Research Director, Team II Endogenous Neuroprotection in Neurodegenerative Illnesses INSERM, University of Montpellier. Related StoriesIU-led scientists discover brand-new gene that increases Alzheimer's disease riskSalsalate drug gives new expect treating Alzheimer's disease and FTDResearchers identify role of microglia during first stages of Alzheimer's disease’We are pleased to be presenting data at the moment on the disease-modifying potential of ANAVEX 2-73 and its own potential dual utility in both amyloid and Tau pathology, which happens to be nearing completion of Phase I clinical trials,’ stated Harvey Lalach, President of Anavex.