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The California Poison Control Program announces ground-breaking new applications.

In case of an accidental poisoning, consumers should contact the CPCS for tips immediately.. CPCS announces new programs that focus on accidental poisoning prevention As National Poison Prevention Week begins, the California Poison Control Program announces ground-breaking new applications, including a free of charge text messaging service, Facebook quizzes and e-cards to supply essential tips, news and information on poisoning, the next leading cause of childhood injury in the U.S. With more than two million poisonings reported each year to poison control centers over the national country, these details is potentially life-saving. Launching this week, an innovative bilingual texting service provides consumers with tips, news and facts about accidental poisoning prevention in both English and Spanish.The national standard for ozone is currently under review and the EPA is normally expected to announce a new standard by the end of August. The American Lung Association will document detailed feedback on the transport guideline to recommend methods to strengthen the health advantages and ensure the pollution reductions are implemented as fast as possible.

CVS to avoid selling cigarettes by fall The move is part of a trend of pharmacies becoming health providers.S.S. Drugstore chain to take cigarettes off the shelf. Community health experts called your choice by the No. 2 U.S. Drugstore chain a precedent-setting step that could pressure other stores to follow match . The Wall Road Journal: CVS TO AVOID Selling Smokes The move is certainly a bold and expensive one for CVS, a device of Woonsocket, R.We.-based CVS Caremark Corp.