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The NHSs employers.

The NHS’s employers, health trade unions and the Section of Health have launched a advertising campaign to tackle low immunization rates among frontline personnel such as doctors and nurses. 34 Just pde5 .7 percent of health care workers got the jab last year, despite the fact that potentially fatal H1N1 swine flu was the predominant strain of flu over the wintertime months. That was up from the 26.4 percent who had it in ’09 2009 but nonetheless well below the amounts health experts say are necessary to reduce risk. But NHS figures released on Thursday display that in some places offering NHS care just small %ages of doctors and nurses were immunized last winter, despite the fact that the flu outbreak resulted in a lot more than 600 deaths then.


Consultants who’ve decided not to move onto a new contract will get a pay out rise of 3 percent. Mr Clive Davis, chairman of the BMA’s Scottish Consultants Committee, said: It is obvious that consultants who have made the decision to remain on their old contracts are getting punished. This group of NHS personnel who work round the clock to boost services for patients are getting the message that they are worth less than co-workers doing the same work. Pay for doctors in training will rise by 3 percent. Dr Chris McCullough, joint chairman of the BMA’s Scottish Junior Doctors Committee, said: At the same time when Scotland needs to retain and recruit more doctors, I neglect to understand the logic of the move.