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If people recognize that by simply altering their eating habits and adopting a more physically active lifestyle they can lower their threat of cancer, many lives can be spared, stated Bandera, who was also mixed up in World Cancer Study Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research Second Record on Food, Nutrition, PHYSICAL EXERCISE and preventing Cancer and is currently serving as an associate of the WCRF/AICR Continuous Update Professional Panel, which aims to issue international dietary tips for cancer prevention (..The researchers also identified physical activity as a protective aspect against depression, meaning sufferers who had higher levels of exercise were less susceptible to developing depression. ‘Depressive disorder is a disorder which remains easily undiagnosed because of underpresentation and as the symptoms are not very specific,’ stated Dr. Lopez Jove, who is also vice-director of the pathophysiology department at the Latin American Thoracic Association . ‘Consequently, it is necessary to consider this disorder in patients with COPD, especially in female individuals and patients who knowledge significant shortness of breath. Another planned study shall help evaluate how treatment of despair affects these patients and their standard of living, he said.