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According to a study in the May issue of the journal Radiology.

Faingold stated. If there is blood flow to the wall of the intestine, that is clearly a good sign. When there is no blood circulation, that’s bad. This means that particular area of the intestine is is or dying dead. When you observe free gas in the x-ray, it might be too late. The babies then are very sick by. Dr. Faingold said CDS could also be used to measure intestinal blood circulation in adults, an operation that could benefit sufferers with a number of bowel disorders, including Crohn disease, diverticulitis and ischemic bowel.Related StoriesStudy discovers high prevalence of dehydration in older people living in UK care homesStudy suggests need for specific treatment options for adolescents with onset type 2 diabetesDiabetes medication liraglutide ineffective in individuals with advanced center failureAfter 12 weeks, the mean HbA1c increased by 0.35 percent in the glimepiride monotherapy group whereas it reduced by 0.59 percent in the alogliptin 12.5 mg group and by 0.65 percent in the alogliptin 25.0 mg group. Furthermore, significantly more sufferers in the 12.5 mg and 25.0 mg alogliptin groups than in the glimepiride group achieved an HbA1c of much less than 6.9 percent, the mark HbA1c set by japan Diabetes Society. Ten of 105 sufferers on 12.5 mg alogliptin achieved this focus on, as do eight of 104 individuals on 25.0 mg alogliptin, while none of the patients on glimepiride monotherapy achieved it.