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CPC seminar to explore fresh rules shaping pregnancy.

CPC seminar to explore fresh rules shaping pregnancy, pregnancy planning The transformation of pregnancy into a time of expert-led ‘training’ for potential parents will become talked about and criticised at the ultimate Changing Parenting Culture seminar at the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus 22-23 June. The event will bring together academics and scholars from the united kingdom and the US to explore the brand new ways pregnancy is being thought about and experienced at a time when parenthood has become the object of increasing interest and concern .

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COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes may be blocked by pain medications COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes could be blocked by pain medications such as Advil and Vioxx in a more complex manner than was previously comprehended, a Queen’s University study has found. The results of the study have got potential implications for how exactly we classify the generally used anti-inflammatory and discomfort medicines for aches, pains, and fever, says Colin Funk, a professor of Biochemistry and Physiology at Queen’s and Canada Study Chair in Molecular, Physiologiocal and Cellular Medicine. Published on-range in Nature Medicine, the study was executed in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania experts.