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Cellular reprogramming.

Two research teams took cells from individuals suffering from a number of illnesses and reprogrammed them into stem cells. A number of these diseases are difficult or impossible to study with animal models, producing the need for individual cell lines to study even more acute. The transformed cells develop and divide in the laboratory, unlike most adult cells, which don’t survive in culture conditions. The cells could after that be induced to assume new identities, including those cell types most suffering from the illnesses afflicting the individuals who experienced donated the original cells.A report of workplace email messages found a strong link between your frequency coworkers emailed each other and body mass index , a measure used to determine weight problems. The analysis of email messages found obese co-employees were more likely to email one another. Study co-author Dr. Elizabeth Rula, executive director and principal investigator at the Healthways Middle for Health Research, told her team was surprised to discover this link in a random range of emails. She hopes these social networks at the workplace can be used to spread more healthful text messages. These findings meaningfully advance our approach to total population health administration, she said.