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Chromos was awarded patents from the United States.

This patent contains wide claims to a way for expanding an initial cloned T lymphocyte populace in culture. This additional patent significantly broadens Chromos’ proprietary patent rights and further demonstrates the unique features of the REM Technology in neuro-scientific cell-based therapies.. Chromos Molecular Systems issued four key patents Chromos Molecular Systems has announced that it has additional expanded the patent portfolio surrounding both its ACE System and REM Technology with the issuance of four key additional patents.The measured degrees of the tau and amyloid-B proteins had been compared in samples drawn from the same sufferers two years aside. Such a switch should be easily detectable also in a little and inexpensive pilot research, given the reduced intra-specific variation in biomarker amounts as time passes that was detected inside our research,’ Dr Zetterberg says. Alzheimer’s disease can be an age-related brain-harming disorder that outcomes in progressive cognitive impairment and loss of life. Three decades of improvement have led to a profound knowledge of the molecular mechanisms underlying the condition. During the past 10 years, this understanding has translated right into a selection of targets for therapy, the most promising which is amyloid-B..