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Called Sculptra.

It has been used in more than 30 countries throughout the world for the treating facial volume imperfections, wrinkles and folds. Possible unwanted effects of Sculptra are inflammation, bruising, lumping and granulomas. Lester M. Crawford. Dermik reported on the use of Sculptra in 278, HIV-positive patients with serious facial lipoatrophy. The sufferers, who were all being treated with antiretroviral medications, were primarily white males, ages 41 to 45 mostly.It really is my belief that low-dose oral interferon will be a beneficial therapy of most influenza viruses, not only the H1N1 strain, said Dr. Joseph M. Cummins, President and CEO of ABI.. AlphaDetail adds two brand-new features to its suite of tracking services AlphaDetail, an innovator in pharmaceutical marketing research, is pleased to introduce two new features to its suite of tracking services: AlphaLink and AlphaMonitor. AlphaLink assists customers better understand their competitive scenery by integrating secondary research with tracking study outcomes.