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POZEN enter license agreement to build up and commercialize MT 400 POZEN Inc.

We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Cilag to develop and commercialize MT 400 in several countries in Latin America, said Liz Cermak, Executive Vice President and Chief Industrial Officer of POZEN. This is an initial step in bringing this novel migraine product to the an incredible number of migraine patients living beyond the United States. Furthermore, the income from this deal can help fuel the development and commercialization of our integrated aspirin ‘PA’ portfolio of products. MT 400 has shown to be more advanced than triptan monotherapy on multiple efficacy endpoints.Konrad recommended using light to trace the experience, and Mahadevan-Jansen considered using laser beam light to stimulate nerves also to in fact generate this activity.M. Keck Basis Free Electron Laser Middle was an ideal facility to provide it a go. The Division of Defense-funded FEL, among only a few in the global globe and the only person equipped to execute medical experimental research, was used to observe if the essential idea worked also to determine the perfect settings for the laser beam. Given that the extensive analysis team shows that the procedure works and that it’s safe, they are turning their focus on studying the precise mechanisms behind the stimulation results.