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Can Exercise Cool Off Hot Flashes?

Symptoms can range from mood swings to scorching flashes, headaches and trouble focusing. The National Institutes of Wellness is conducting a wide-ranging study of several issues linked to menopause, including melancholy, cognitive and sexual function. For example, women who exercise may survey fewer hot flashes simply because they are less preoccupied with such symptoms, said Sheryl Sherman, a doctor with the National Institute on Maturing, an arm of NIH. While experiences vary from woman to girl, some say even a little boost in exercise goes quite a distance. A week after starting a walking routine Just, 54-year-old Joan Newman saw a dramatic decline in hot flashes. After that, every chance I got, I walked around the campus, said Newman, an administrative assistant at Missouri Condition University in Springfield, Mo.Chieko Mineo, Dr. Rolf Brekken, Dr. Michihisa Umetani, and Dr. Yang Xie.

Celator Pharmaceuticals presents data on CPX-351 Liposome Injection and HDPN formulation Celator Pharmaceuticals today announced data from animal studies demonstrating the superior bone marrow uptake of CPX-351 Liposome Injection, its business lead clinical-stage program, along with the enhanced circulation kinetics and efficacy of its preclinical hydrophobic docetaxel prodrug nanoparticle formulation were presented in the 101st Annual Meeting of the American Association for Tumor Research in Washington, DC .’ In the first presentation, researchers reported on the circulation characteristics and anti-tumor activity of HDPN in mice bearing HT-29 individual colorectal tumor xenografts.