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A fresh grantmaking initiative that may award up to $500.

BCBSMF launches Connect for Wellness Challenge Today announced the start of the Connect for Wellness Problem The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation, a fresh grantmaking initiative that may award up to $500,000 to eligible non-profits, schools and regional units of government to aid efforts that strengthen social connections in low-income communities across Minnesota . Through the Connect for Wellness Challenge, up to 20 grants as high as $20,000 each will be awarded, and something grant as high as $100,000 will end up being dependant on Minnesotans in a statewide vote. We realize that romantic relationships matter to your wellbeing and the fitness of communities, stated Carolyn Link, Basis executive director. We’re thrilled to utilize organizations in new methods to improve wellness across Minnesota. Entries could be submitted on the web beginning April 17, 2012. A brief video is obtainable that introduces the task, and interested agencies can join an e-newsletter which will provide frequent improvements also, at Organizations that fill out an application by April 27 are entered right into a drawing to win period with a videographer who’ll create a free of charge, two-minute video about their business. For questions or more information, e-mail , or contact 547-6145. Types of tasks that build or reinforce social connections could consist of, but are not limited by, community events, community gatherings, gathering locations, community dialogues, participatory arts, local volunteering, multicultural tasks, intergenerational activities and even more. Strong public connections help visitors to be more involved with our communities and live healthier, happier lives, stated Link.

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BD acquires HandyLab for $275 million BD today announced the completion of its acquisition of HandyLab, Inc., an Ann Arbor, Michigan-centered company that develops and manufactures molecular diagnostic automation and assays platforms. IN-MAY 2009, BD and HandyLab announced a special contract for BD to build up and commercialize molecular assays on the HandyLab Jaguar platform, the initial integrated molecular diagnostic program to supply hands-off operation fully, incorporating clinical sample planning, nucleic acid extraction, and microfluidic real-period polymerase chain response amplification and recognition in a straightforward bench-top program. The self-included workstation is made to support both batch workflows and on-demand testing for optimum lab efficiency and versatility. Related StoriesBD Existence Sciences completes acquisition of Cellular ResearchBD reviews revenues of $2.051 billion for second fiscal quarter 2015BD Medical announces FDA clearance of BD Intelliport Medicine Administration SystemWith this acquisition, BD will migrate its BD GeneOhm molecular assays for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus , Clostridium difficile and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus onto the brand new platform and can market them because the new BD MAX program, an evolution of the existing Jaguar program. HandyLab’s high-quality company and industry-leading technology complement BD’s features and healthcare-associated infections technique, which needs the throughput, simplicity and versatility that the HandyLab system provides, stated Philippe Jacon, President, BD Diagnostics – Diagnostic Systems. We intend to offer laboratories with a wide molecular check menu on an extremely advanced automation system. The healthcare-associated attacks chance is emerging world-wide and is potentially large, and BD includes a leading position using its BD GeneOhm molecular tests product line. As medical center screening and testing applications expand, they shall require flexible, state-of-the-artwork automation systems to aid their evolving needs. The flexibleness of this novel system shall allow further growth of the BD molecular diagnostic menu. BD paid $275 million for HandyLab. The economic effect of the acquisition on fiscal 12 months 2010 revenue has been incorporated in to the assistance BD offered during its earnings ask November 4, 2009. Resource BD .