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Because in reality, these high-acid, high-sugar carbonated drinks actually damage people by promoting weight problems and diabetes, along with bone density loss, blood sugar disorders and nutritional depletion. Both the Coca-Cola business and the U.S. Government have long operated beneath the absurd illusion that carbonated glucose water drinks are, somehow, America’s gift to the rest of the world. But that ‘gift’ has actually given the globe something much different: rampant obesity and diabetes that’s now beginning to reflect the ever-worsening state of health in the U.S. Not merely is India to ban Coca-Cola, but every nation would improve the health of its people by carrying out the same.The CX-1 is with the capacity of delivering obvious and detailed diagnostic images for virtually instant review. The solitary onboard digital camera handles five different picture taking modes with ease, including non-mydriatic FAF, Color, Red-free, Cobalt and Fluorescein angiography photography. The Retinal Imaging Control Software that comes with the CX-1 puts equipment for comprehensive study management, image capture handles and easy looking at at the user’s fingertips. The intuitive graphical interface is easy and simple to use. The PC-based software provides fast access and insight to information and images required to help out with patient diagnosis, and data can be easily saved to various exterior media. The CX-1 Hybrid Mydriatic/Non-Mydriatic Digital Retinal Surveillance camera joins Canon’s complete type of total digital imaging solutions and workflow administration solutions for ophthalmic professionals.