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The researchers treated mice genetically altered JMML with a drug that inhibits have a protein called MEK signaling. The drug as MEK inhibitor known blocked, only one of the many chemical pathways that Although several Ras. Although several pharmaceutical companies already are developing these drugs, this is the first time a MEK inhibitor for the treatment of JMML was piloted. Especially produced mice with with the MEK inhibitor disappeared more red blood cells and white blood cells less than untreated mice, and anemia anemia JMML.

The disease develops in the bone marrow and leads to an increased number of white blood cells, bone marrow interferes with the ability to produce healthy red blood cells. The abnormal increase in the white blood cells occurs when genetic changes or mutations occur in the genes, the proteins in a cellular network, encode the Ras signaling pathway. This network Ras protein Ras protein is a critical regulator of cell growth and a frequent target of cancerous mutations..An international in their ongoing support the University of viewed university Utah of Pharmacy, LS Skaggs Family reviews and Skaggs Foundation for Research a President of a president foundation professorship recruiting a top pharmacy research noted as honor of long-time benefactors LS Skaggs.