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The researchers now a patent based on the same technology are.

The researchers now a patent based on the same technology are, for a device to measure alcohol. The device, the level of alcohol in the spot testing in a driver’s seat a driver’s seat when it is certified to do so will able to get the able to get the blood samples the need to replace the currently be tested by forensic laboratories. The scientists say the chip less ambiguous results than the traditional methods in use today, give traditional traditional spectroscopy.

It measures both Blood Sugar and ensures the quality of foodThe sensor, which measures 10 mm x 10 mm , can replace advanced, expensive optical devices with lentils and networks in what is commonly called spectroscopic. The sensor is also more reliable than , conventional optical instruments, calibration and maintenance. This chip does not corrode, is robust and provides quick results from analyzes. The chips can be used in the same kind of machines to make to make compact disks.Although Yu and his colleagues have generally reluctant more than one anti more than one anti-cancer drugs, this seems an ideal situation for a dual on drugs attack. – When you combine two therapeutic agents, you will usually toxicity of the two what But this strategy But this strategy being different, we are having a common diabetes drug L the toxicity a therapeutic agent we. Medicines that is designed to induce apoptosis in tumor cells. Now we have a drug that seem about lower thresholds for induction of apoptosis, said Yu, senior author of of a publication the study on Journal of Biological Chemistry, published online November 30, the Product was added to late in the printed edition of the magazine January will released.